You anchor me back down ...

22 September 2012

These are words from the song ANCHOR by Mindy Gledhill. I ADORE her music and her style. She is such a winderful artist and her music is enchanting and inspirational. Here is the song in question. It's one of those songs I listen to at least 10 times a day and this one is so special because I was touched by the lyrics.
Les paroles d'une chanson qui m'a touchée! J'adore cette artiste!


Mindy Gledhill
© 2010 Blue Morph Music (BMI) 

When all the world is spinning around
Like a red balloon way up in the clouds
And my feet will not stay on the ground
You anchor me back down 

I am nearly world renowned
As a restless soul who always skips town
But I look for you to come around
And anchor me back down 

There are those who think that I am strange
They would box me up and tell me to change
But you hold me close and softly say
That you wouldn't have me any other way 

When people pin me as a clown
You behave as though I am wearing a crown
When I am lost I feel so very found
When you anchor me back down 

When all the world is spinning around
Like a red balloon way up in the clouds
And my feet will not stay on the ground
You anchor me back down 

My children, husband and friends are my anchors and I am grateful I have them. If you have some time just click play and enjoy!

Here is one of my anchors. My sweet Elouan. It was his birthday on Thursday and I just can't believe how fast time has gone. He will always be my little one.

His smile make my heart burst with happiness and when I see it I know I am complete. My kids have made me who I am and I love how they teach me to be a better person. Here is a layout I made about his smile. I think I have lots of layouts about my kids' smiles but they are such a happy bunch so why not make lots of layouts about their gorgeous grins ;)



Valerie Bishop said...

He has a beautiful smile! :) He looks like such a happy boy! I love your layout! And tell your little one Happy Birthday from me!! :)

sophie said...

I am such a great fan of Mindy too! I have her CD in my car and can't help but sing it loud everyday:)
love your layout and that boy is so sweet!

Danielle said...

What a beautiful song, love those lyrics!! TFS this one.
Your layout is fabulous, love the layering you always do. So many cute details.
Happy birthday to your little one!

Sparklin said...

Superleuk met al die kleine stukjes (restjes) papier! Heel vrolijk!

Mandalika said...

Your little on is such a cutie! I really love all the layers on your page - it's beautiful.

Mette said...

Love Love your layout!

Pam said...

Happy birthday to your little guy!! 3 is such a fun of my favorites:)
I adore that layout too, love how you made the frame with the ribbon!

isabel said...

Joyeux anniversaire Elouan, ton sourire va faire chavirer beaucoup de filles !!!

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