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All Glitz and Gold

30 January 2014

This week it is sparkling on the Glitz Design blog. I loved the gold theme we had to work with. As I didn't have lots of time to work on this assignment I didn't overthink it and just went with the flow. I love how it turned out. Simple, light, bright and I am pretty happy with the photo taken by my four year old. I am starting to love seeing myself in pictures. It has made me see past all the things I disliked as they make me so different and unique. Never forget to take pictures of yourself. 


At 35

26 January 2014

 I am still Lilith. Not any different to yesterday. I have lots of plans and ambitions. I believe in finding out who you are and what you love. This year will be a year full of adventures. Simple ones with my family, and others more adventurous focused on my new business.
Thanks to all who have wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook and Instagram. Your wishes touched my heart and I am blessed to know so many wonderful people.

This is me at 35:

more confident than ever,
ready for new adventures,
love being a mom to 4 fabulous boys,
blessed to be married to an amazing husband,
curious to learn more about photography and art,
finally accepting who I am,
able to accept my faults and work on them,
finally seeing my inner beauty,
blessed to be living the life I have,
feeling loved.

Boy layouts,Glitz and more ...

25 January 2014

Well, life is busy as usual but I am enjoying every minute of it. Damien left today with his class on a one-week ski trip. I miss him already but I know he'll have fun. I gave him my old compact photo camera and hope he'll take lots of pictures.
Yesterday I had a layout up on the Glitz Design blog. I decided to use the Dapper Dan collection and went with the fun "boy" colour combo green and blue. This week the DT focussed on the Bits&Pieces products which are 3*4 and 4*6 cards. I created a layout using two 3*4 cards which I attached with a doily to make a mini booklet which opens up.

This week I was a lucky girl because I got a GIGANTIC box full of new American Crafts products. I was jumping like a small child. I made this next layout on Thursday when I had a couple of friends over for a scrappy evening. I mixed some of the DIY collection with the New Dear Lizzy collection as well as a couple of embellishments from Amy Tan's new line. The LOVE was created with some of the chalkboard washi tape which I adhered to some scrap paper and then I used one of the new Die sets from Amy's collection. I added a white border with a white pen.

I don't have any links for the new products but they'll be hitting the stores soon.


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