A little something to show

29 October 2015

Scrapbooking has taken a back seat at the moment. I have mixed feelings about it. I love creating but at the same time I'm missing the inner motivation. So when I scrapbook now I do it when it feels absolutely right. I have also been having severe back pain . Physiotherapy and my chiropractor have been helping me. It will take time but the pain is getting better and better. I have a very high pain threshold but when I am in pain it is horrible. Pain drains my energy and I feel helpless because I can't be active. Maybe I do too much but I have such a hard time just sitting still. Well I'm nearly there but I'll have to really careful and running is a big no no which is really hard to accept. Enough about my back and on to the creative part.
Here are two layouts I created this month. I'm slowly getting back in the groove.

Hope to be back soon with more scrapbooking and maybe a video.
Oh and my next class at BigPictureClasses will be live soon. Check it out here. I'll be doing a give-away soon so keep your eyes open.
Happy Scrapping


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