Happy New Year

31 December 2010

And once again it is that time of year when I look back and think, wow that went fast. Before we had our children I remember that I used to get bored. Now I have forgotten what it means to be bored. Days go by so fast and my 4 monsters are growing so fast. I am so glad I have started scrapbooking everyday moments and that I have made so many mini books full of stories. I love looking through them and so do the kids and my husband. 
I have set myself four goals for 2011. I have to be reasonable because I still have to get all my daily chores done, go to work and look after the kids. Here they are:
1. scrapbook all my childhood pictures and journal my stories.
2. exercise more 
3. enjoy simple family moments and photograph them
4. play with the kids.
I would like to thank all those who have left a comment over the year. Each one of them has boosted my confidence. And last but not least I wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2011 be a year full of happiness, laughter, joy and family moments. So to finish off the year some pictures I took today while I was walking with the kids. 

Et voilà. Encore une année vient de se terminer. Une année qui comme les autres est passée trop vite. Je voulais vous remercier pour vos gentils commentaires et je vous souhaite une bonne année 2011, une année qui j'espère sera remplie d'amour et de bonheur. Je vous laisse avec quelques photos prises aujourd'hui.

Hip November kit

29 December 2010

I know they haven't been published on the Hip2besquarescrapbooking blog but I am dying to show at least one of my layouts made with the November kit. I really felt inspired and all my layouts are based on clustering. I love them all but here is one of my favourites. The rest will be for later. I have put some sneak peeks.
Une petite page faite avec le kit de novembre de Hip2besquare. Comme elles ne sont pas encore sur le blog je vous montre qu'une. Les autres seront pour plus tard. J'ai adoré ce kit. J'ai quand même mis quelques aperçus.  

And the sneak peeks:

Number 2

14 December 2010

I love games and this one on the CS avenue Forum is just great. Here's my second layout. I don't like pictures of myself but I do exist so I should get more pictures of me taken. I love the outcome.
Voici ma deuxième page pour le jeu des 7 familles sur le forum de CS Avenue. Arrivez-vous à deviner la consigne?

Material: Bazzill, Basic grey Patterned paper, paint,  graphic 45 die cut, ...

Christmas decoration

13 December 2010

Christmas isn't that far away, I'm in decoration mood so ...
Thanks for looking and have a lovely week.

Damien and Noé

11 December 2010

Happy Birthday my two big boys. 7 years old yesterday. Not a lot of time to write as I am doing a lot of Birthday cooking.  Just a few pictures.

Happy Birthday Robin

8 December 2010

Yes. My little boy Robin turned four today. He was so proud this morning and couldn't wait to give his friends the cupcakes I made (late last night, but that's what mommies are for). So here he is the birthday boy, my oh so sweet, oh so cheeky  Robin.

Me baking at 9.30pm.
The result:

Quick simple home makeover for birthday party. We had some kids come over for Robin and also for Damien and Noé as it will be their Bday on Friday.
And what would a party be without a cake (I made it this morning while hubby was looking after Elouan).
And finally a layout. I made this for the CS Avenue forum.

That was that. I'll be back soon with some more December Daily. I am keeping up with the photo editing and journaling but I am behind on putting the pages together. I am not going get stressed about it as I don't have time to do more. I am happy I am writing the stories I want to tell. I'll do the rest when I'll be on vacation.
Thanks for all your sweet comments. I love reading them. See ya soon.
Petit résumé en français:
Aujourd'hui c'est l'anniversaire de mon petit blond, Robin. Il était vraiment fier ce matin et voulait montrer les petits gâteaux à ses copains et copines. Je les ai faits hier soir à 21.30. Aujourd'hui quelques copains sont venus à la maison (j'ai fait un déco anniversaire en 10 minutes) et nous avons fêter l'anniversaire de Robin mais aussi de Damien et Noé (qui vont avoir 7 ans le 10/12). Puis une petite page pour le jeu des7 familles sur CS Avenue. Voili voila. C'est tout pour aujourd'hui. Je reviens bientôt avec plus de photos de mon December Daily. Merci pour votre passage et vos gentils commentaires.

December 1st and 2nd

5 December 2010

I am not in the mood to write alot just wanted to show my first 2 pages of my December daily. I'm keeping up with the journaling and taking pictures but I am putting the pages together when I have time. Teaching has been keeping me very busy at the moment. Have a great week.
Voici les deux premières pages de mon décembre jour après jour.

Material: AliEdwards templates and brushes; Patterned paper: z'etiquettes

December Daily

2 December 2010

Brrrrrrrr. Yes, I think winter is here for good. It's freezing cold and snowing. This year I decided to follow Ali Edwards and do a DECEMBER DAILY. Here is a sneak peek of my album. I have already written my journaling for December 1st and 2nd and have chosen my pictures but I won't be printing them until next week. I still have to buy some good quality photo paper. For my dairy I used patterned papers from ZETIQUETTES, ALIEDWARDS templates that I bought at designer digitals and stickers from SEI and another brand (threw away the packaging, silly me.) I love the outcome I hope I will keep up as December is a busy period. Kids' birthdays, Saint Nicolas, exams, Christmas, New Year. AHHHHHHH I am already starting to panic. I'll be back soon.
Voici mon December Daily. Mon journaling et mes photos pour le 1er et 2ème décembre sont faits mais j'attends pour imprimer mes photos. J'adore le résultat. A trés bientôt pour plus de December Daily et d'autres réas.

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