30 January 2015

at 36.
This week I turned 36. It was a simple and low key birthday but this year I took the time to reflect on the 35 previous years. 
One thing I know now is that I love each of my birthdays and I don't mind that extra year. I know some people want to stay young but I have to say that I love my life more than when I was 20 and everyone around me has noticed how much I have changed and how happy I am. 
When I left highschool I was overweight and I didn't think I was special or that I could make a difference to the world. Meeting my husband and finding my creativity has changed my outlook on life and most importantly has enabled me to discover who I am and that I AM. I am special to so many people even though I thought I was insignificant. I can be proud of myself and what I find the most important is that I can love myself and show the world I love myself. There is nothing wrong about believing in yourself, believing you can achieve and believing that you have a place in this world. So, who am I today?

  • I am creative (never thought I was but I am)
  • I am a mother and LOVE IT even though it is hard. Raising 4 children is LOTS OF HARD WORK but when they come to cuddle me or when they smile, my heart skips a beat.
  • I learn every day. Whether it be from my children, from my students or from the world around me. 
  • I have learnt to observe and listen, to listen to needs and listen for feelings.
  • I am singing again. I used to sing in choirs and take lessons when I was a teenager. When the kids were born and my passion was put aside but I decided I needed to sing again and I am enjoying it immensely. 
  • I  still miss South Africa. I lived in South Africa for 9 years and left when I was 11 but the day I left I knew I was leaving my home country. I have treasured each and every memory as I was afraid I'd forget. People have a hard time understanding but I know now I left a part of my heart there and I will never be able to feel 100% at home here. 
  • I miss speaking English and I get really angry sometimes because I always have to speak a language which isn't mine. I miss getting mad in English, I miss saying I love you in English, I miss chatting about daily events in English. I get all teary every time I think about it and not many people understand. 
  • I am a teacher. I love teaching languages, scrapbooking, music, ... But most of all I love being there for my students.
  • I say NO. (yay, I have learnt to say no)
  • I have an imperfect body, twin skin, and many imperfections which make me who I am. I can't say I love them, but they are a part of me and I am no longer striving to look like some ideal which doesn't exist. 
  • I love English Breakfast tea with milk.
  • I love really dark chocolate.
  • I love running and doing fitness exercises at home.
  • I love baking for others.
  • I have stopped eating gluten and feel so much better.
  • I have learnt to live with a bit of mess in the house. Hey, I live with 5 boys.
I wouldn't want to turn back time because today I feel more me than I ever have before. 
So 36 is the number which defines my age and I like it. I liked 35 too and I am sure I'll like 37 too. 

No blog post in complete without a layout. This one is with a photo of my husband and I. Photos of just us two are rare and I really love this one. My husband is so special. He has always been there for me and has changed me for the better. It feels so good to be loved so unconditionally. 

Something forgotten

24 January 2015

I was going through my layouts and found this one which I haven't shared before. I used the beautiful Boys Rule collection by Crate Paper. 
I love black and white striped paper and it really makes the photo and the colours pop up.

I hope to have another layout to show tomorrow.


21 January 2015

Some of you may know but others might not but I work for EspritScrapbooking which is a French Paper Scrapbooking Magazine. I write articles and create projects for them. I have a couple of them to share. I usually forget to share them because we have to wait a year after the publication. Here are I two I made. One using printable papers and the second was for a fall theme. 

I'll be back with more magazine projects. 
Happy Scrapping

Another video

19 January 2015

As I filmed one video I thought why not do another. This layout came together really quickly and yet again I wanted to add some typed journalling. I started each sentence with " I look at you " and added what I feel when I look at my children. Simple but I really loved making it. 

Hello video time

17 January 2015

I finally MADE time to film a couple of layouts. I have been spending so much time on school work (even too much) and I needed some creative time. I really enjoyed creating this layout. I made a little poem and used it as journalling. 
I'll have another video for you tomorrow or the day after.
Have a lovely weekend.

Sizzix and pink

13 January 2015

I have a new layout on the sizzix blog. Hop over and check it out. I played with some stamps and matching dies and also added PINK PAINT.

I also created this layout for the weekend challenge at Hip Kit Club with this board as inspiration :

I'll be back at the end of the week with a video. YES A VIDEO.


Absolutely sweet

11 January 2015

Busy. I thought that December was a busy month but January hasn't been very calm either. Once I'm back in the groove I'll start making videos again. Just need to get things sorted out a bit. I slowed down a bit on the scrapbooking side last year and I got back into music. I LOVE it but miss creating though I do still create. I hope this year I'll be able to continue scrapbooking and doing the things I love.
I created this layout a couple of days ago. Simple but I really love it.

Supplies: Studio Calico December kits.

Dream and let your mind wander

4 January 2015

First of all, let me wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR. May it be filled with love, health and creativity. I hope to keep on creating this year and start making more videos and teaching more classes. Here is my first layout of the year.

Robin is such a special boy. All my boys are. He has the ability to absord every word and every action and has an amazing memory. I hope he'll go through life and dream as he does. 

Supplies: Cameo, Studio Calico kit: Park Ave.

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