Here we go ...

24 February 2010

The last few days I have really tried to find some time to scrap and I have managed to make some pages. I am often interrupted by my boys but it doesn't really bother me. Here are two more pages. One made with brushes I found on the net (free) and another was a "dictation"  on the forum Le scrap clean and simple .

Voilà. Encore deux réalisations faites ces jours-ci. J'arrive à trouver du temps même si ce sont que des moments de 10-15 minutes pour scrapper. Voici mes deux pages. La première faite avec des brushes trouvés gratuitement sur internet et la deuxième pour une dictée de page du forum Le scrap clean and simple.


Lost and found.

20 February 2010

Whilst clearing my office I came across some pages I haven't shown yet. Here we go:
Robin with his cheeky smile:
A present for my grandparents:

 And a picture of Damien and Robin, best of buddies:
Have a lovely weekend.

Clean and simple

19 February 2010

It's great finding some time to scrap even if it is with Elouan playing on the floor next to me and being interrupted by breastfeeding cues. I have really missed being creative. Here's my latest creation in a style I am liking more and more. Very Clean and SIMPLE. (Isn't he cute the little one. Only 2 days old).

J'adore scrapper et maintenant je trouve des petits moments pour le faire. Ici une petite page CS basée sur le sketch du forum Clean and Simple tout simplement.

First challenge at Instant Scrap of the year

17 February 2010

Clean and simple: A sketch from the forum instant scrap.

and a mini album:

Little box

13 February 2010

A little box as gift to my nephew for his christening. Mom wants to buy a baby chair and so I decided to give her my present in a little box.
Petite boite pour mettre mon cadeau de baptême. Mon neveu a besoin d'une chaise haute donc une petite contribution de sa tante est la bien venue.


11 February 2010

On the forum Bulle2scrap a great challenge: use a big photograph on your page. Well, I just used the photograph as base. And here's the result.
Un super défi sur Bulle2scrap: scrapper une photograph de taille 13*18 ou plus. Voici ma page, en A4:

Scrapbooking: old summer pages

9 February 2010

Here are four pages I made during the summer.

I am back

Yes it has been a long wait but finally I have acces to internet. A move and a baby later a lot of things have changed. My scrapbooking has come to a hault as Elouan takes up most of my time as well as the three other boys. Here are some photographs of the new member of the family:

Et voilà. Enfin de retour. Après un déménagement et une naissance je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps pour scrapper mais je prends des photos. Voici quelques unes:

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