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Name: Lilith Eeckels
Location: Bertogne, Belgium

Short bio: 

Hi. I'm Lilith. I was born in Leuven, Belgium on 26th January 1979. As a child I grew up in South Africa and my parents moved back to Europe when I was a teenager and settled in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. I now live in the South of Belgium in the Ardennes. I am a mother to four marvellous but mischievous boys (Damien, Noé (11), Robin (7) and Elouan (5)) and have been married to the most wonderful man for 14 years. I'm a  foreign language teacher. I teach Dutch and English to French speaking students and I LOVE it. Besides my passion for languages and teaching, there is also music, photography and on the top of my list SCRAPBOOKING. I started just after getting married as I wanted to make a wedding album. I really got hooked when my two eldest boys were born in 2003 and I haven't stopped since. It helps me unwind from my hectic days being a mum and teaching teenagers. Scrapbooking has made me realise that I can be creative and I love documenting my family's life. It has made me become more confident and willing to have a go.

Favorite thing to scrapbook: My family.

5 fun facts:
1) Well, all of my friends say that I am a jolly person. I love to laugh and be a bit silly.
2) I always have cold feet and hands. I always go to bed with socks on (even in summer) and in winter you won't see me without a hot water bottle.
3) As a child I wanted to be an opera singer (still do)!
4) I am addicted to tea. I drink at least eight cups of English Breakfast tea with milk and sugar a day. And I get really moody if I don't. BAD HABIT!
5) I have a really high pain threshold. (Example: Last year I want for a dental check up. My dentist asks, "Any complaints?" I say, "No, I think everything's OK!". She has a look and then says, "Well you should be in agony, I don't understand! Your root is exposed. How can you NOT feel that?" This probably explains why I didn't think giving birth was that bad, I even liked it! I KNOW I'm weird!


Esprit scrapbooking: 
Octobre 2011/ Novembre 2011: page 42
Décembre 2011/Janvier 2012 : page10-11
Hors-Edition printemps 2012: whole article.
Esprit Scrapbooking: Articles and layouts in all the 2013-2014-2015 issues.
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Teacher at Miss Art's Paper Crafting: Class Simply Stylish December 2011
Teacher True Scrap Pocket Pages January 25th 2014
Contributor to several Studio Calico Classes
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Teacher at BigPictureClasses April  2015-present

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