When life hits you ...

4 March 2016

And there I went planning out the month of March and than something popped up which meant I have to make some big changes in my plans. As most of you might know I have been suffering with back pain for a couple of months. I had a scan last Friday and on Sunday I started having excruciating pain. The results show I have a herniated disc which is the cause of these pains. I'm on heavy medication (which is something I don't like but which is necessary) and it also means I am in no state to create or to do anything else. I feel like a zombie and all I want to do is sleep. My doctor just reduced my medication to help get rid of the sleepiness.
 I need to give my body time to rest but I feel that little voice in me already worrying about preparing exams for school, how I'm going to help my students and how I am going to keep things going at home. I feel useless and as if I'm letting everyone down. Maybe I try to hard and put to much pressure on myself. I think that if I can't keep up and live up to expectations people will see me as a failure. They don't. I am the one who puts that image into my mind. I am working on letting myself heal but that urge to always be on top of things is still deep down inside. I am my worst enemy at times. 
I'll try to keep up with the schedule so tomorrow I'll be back with a little class close-up from one of my many fellow teachers at BPC.

And just to finish off with a bit of creative fun, here is a colour combo I created over a year ago for Esprit Scrapbooking .

Have a great weekend.


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