Version Scrap 2014 MINI

28 May 2014

This year I managed to go to VERSION SCRAP in Paris. I stayed for two days and met lots of my scrapbooking online friends. I made a tiny mini accordion book with photos from my trip. I used 3*4 journaling cards from American Crafts.   I kept it pretty simple but used some modeling paste on the cover for texture.


Some Studio Calico

21 May 2014

I whipped up this page over the weekend and forgot to post about it. I have been so busy with work and this week one of my boys was ill so all my free time has gone into caring for him. Poor thing. He still isn't feeling well. 
I created this layout with the April Main kit from Studio Calico.

See you soon and happy scrapping.

Scrapbuttons ...

19 May 2014

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I have joined a new DT team. I didn't plan on taking on another DT but this one is a bit different as there is no pressure and we create when we feel like it. It is really liberating and I find I am much more inspired to create.

Scrapbuttons is a French brand which specializes in flair and badges of all kinds and they have released a new product called "PAPIERS AQUACUSTOMISABLES". They are basically papers with fun colourful designs which interact with water. It is another take on the watercolour trend. 

I created a layout with one of the badges and one of the papers. In the first part of the video I talk a bit about the products and starting at 13:00 is the layout tutorial. 



Mothers Day

11 May 2014

Today is Mothers Day here in Belgium. I thought I'd sleep in but my boys were so excited to give their gifts they woke me up early. I got the sweetest handmade gifts as well as gorgeous cards. I love being a mother and I thank the Lord for his gift to me. My boys are my everything and they bring so much joy. It can get tough at times and I know the future won't be all rosy but I'll be there for my little guys. Love them loads. 
My little man even recited a poem. My heart melted. 

The day I became a mother made me realise what an amazing mother I had. She is my mama and I love her loads. She is my rock and I can always call on her if I need a bit of moral support. She'll listen to me without judging and she knows how to comfort me or encourage me. 


Last but not least a couple of layouts. 
The first was on the cover of EntreArtiste last. 
The second is one I made for a sketch call at EntreArtiste and then (silly me) I completely forgot to send it in. 

And the last I made just for FUN. I came together in 25 minutes. I kept it simple. I used lots of products from Studio Calico kits I hadn't used up. I even got out some older washi tape. 

I'll be back later this week with a VIDEO showcasing a fun new product. Have a lovely week and


Dear oh Dear

8 May 2014

I promised to pick a winner on Monday for American Crafts blog hop. I have had a tummy bug and just when I think it is over it pops up again. I'm so sorry for the delay. Now let's announce a winner : 

and the winner is ............................................................. 
Send me your snail mail address to lilitheeckelsATgmailDOTcom and I'll get your prize in the mail.

Now for some layout created with products from SCRAPBUTTONS. This is a really fun brand which makes flair, badges, watercoloured papers (just add water to the colour and it dilutes itself) and lots more.  You can check out their products in the SCRAPBUTTONS SHOP.

Here is my first layout with a LARGE badge. I made it a focal point and added a couple of buttons onto it.

For the second layout I used special papers which have pigmented colours which dilute in water. Just brush some water over them and create an easy watercolour look. 


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