Vellum tickets at sizzix

16 October 2014

Hello scrapbooking friends. Just popping in to talk about my latest post over on the sizzix blog. This week has been one of those that you just want to forget. Tuesday one of my son's NoƩ lost balance while playing soccer on the school playground. He was running at a great speed and hit a small wall. His arm is fractured in two places and he had to undergo surgery. Those couple of hours were some of the worst ever. I have never felt so worried. He is home recovering but it will be a while before he'll be able to get back to his activities. He'll have a cast for at least 6 weeks and they'll have to remove the pins in 6 months. Soccer is a no-no for at least 9 months. We'll have to find activities to keep him busy. I thank the Lord he is doing well and the surgeon assured us it will not affect his growth.

I'm trying to scrapbook a little to keep my mind busy and to stop worrying. The layout I created for sizzix was made on Monday and I had 25 minutes to make it. I used lots of vellum ticket shapes which I cut out using the Framelits tickets set. You can see the whole layout HERE on the sizzix blog.


bernii miller said...

Oh I hope your son has a speedy recovery xx

Gilma Haro said...

How scary! wishing him a full recovery!
Lovely layout, like always!

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