What? More Birthdays?

10 December 2013

Yes. Today my eldest Damien and Noé turned 10. 10 years ago I went to hospital with very light contractions knowing that it would be the day. I had a c-section planned for the week after but these two decided it was time. I was excited and nervous at the same time. They were my first borns and I hadn't the faintest idea how I was going to manage two but they taught me how to be a mum and I think I am doing okay. Love these two boys. A lot of people can't tell them apart but they are so different and unique. 

I also have a couple of cards to share that I made for American Crafts.

And because Christmas is just around the corner, a little music to get into the Christmas mood.



jasmine said...

Happy birthday to your boys!

Carole Pillon said...

je leur souhaite un joyeux anniversaire.... ils sont magnifiques.... mon fils aussi aura 10 dans une semaine... il est arrivé tout seul (rires) et lui aussi m'a appris à être maman, j'aime bien lui raconter ;-)

Jolies cartes de saisons également.

Jeannine H. said...

Wow, a lot of fun at your house in December! your boys are beautiful. Thanks also for the lovely video.

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