A beautiful day

14 June 2016

Summer is not where in sight at the moment. It is rainy and cold at the moment but I am ok with that. The plants in the garden are thriving (as are the weeds) and everything is green and lush. Exams are well on their way so the bad weather is really a good thing as the kids are less inclined to want to play outside.

I have a layout to share with a picture taken this winter. I am not a winter person but really enjoy the beautiful scenery when it snows. I created this page with one idea in mind: LOTS OF CONTRAST. I used white, blue and black, added layers with tissue paper and a little splash of pink ink. I love the bold look.

 photo a beautiful day_zps1umavz5v.jpg

 photo a beautiful day 3_zps5l6b6sta.jpg

 photo a beautiful day 1_zpsxo924b67.jpg

I also had my first layout for the Altenew DT posted last week. A new video is coming this week but first here a look at the layout I created. You can find the supplies and explanations in the original post here.

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