Video Sunday

10 January 2016

As promised I'm back with a video. I love making them but finding the time is the hard part. I talked about my "zero waste" journey and part of that journey is also making a lot of homemade products (soap, cosmetics, bread, yoghurt, cheese (yes I make cheese: cream cheese, ricotta and vegan mozarella), snacks for the kids, ..... ). This means a lot of planning and preparation in advance. I'm starting to master most of the recipes which means I am becoming faster so I have a little time for some scrapbooking. I used it efficiently! 

This layout took me 30 minutes to make. Most of my layouts do. I plan in advance which helps a lot. I have a whole class called "30-minute layouts" on BPC.

If you want to check it out. Membership is $9.95 a month and you have access to LOTS of classes. There is a free trial so you can get an idea. More information here:

 Here is the video. Enjoy and see you back next week. I'm planning a little inspiration challenge with a giveaway. Make sure to stop by later in the week.

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Anna Uhras said...

Ohh!!! Another beautiful super inspiring layout Lilith!!! And I loove to see how the process are when you create those ♡ Bless you Anna XO

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