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9 January 2016

HELLO. It is a new year and that being said it is also time to get this blog on the roll again. The last part of 2015 wasn't as creative as I wanted it to be. I have learnt just to go with the flow and I needed to get myself back on track. I'm still working on getting my back problems sorted but I am sure things will be a lot better this time. 

I'll be blogging weekly. There will be at least one scrapbooking video and I'll also be blogging about my gluten free baking projects as well as some cooking recipes. I might throw in a couple of challenges with some prizes too. 

I'm also working on my next BPC class which will be SOOOOOO MUCH FUN. It is for beginners and advanced scrapbookers and it'll be packed full of ideas, videos, you name it. 

I want to keep everything fun and low key. No worries, no hassles, no competition just FUN FUN FUN. 

So here is my first layout of the year. A bit of paint, a die cut (cut with my cameo, still love it) and lots of embellishments.
I don't know why the full layout picture is blurry because the original isn't. So sorry about that.

 photo Better2a_zpsvnbag57f.jpg

I'll be back tomorrow with a video.
 Have a wonderful Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Nice to see you again. I would like to but a cameo , Which one do you admise for scrapbooking ?
Happy to follow you on your blog. Havé a wonderful Sunday.

Anna Uhras said...

Aaaahhh!! LOVELY as ALWAYS Lillith!!! Your layouts always make me happy and full of inspiration. And your thoughts of life gives me STRENGTH <3 Bless you Lillith!! Anna XO

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