Monumental Scrap

9 April 2015

I love scrapbooking. I LOVE being creative. I LOVE taking photos of my family and my life. I LOVE documenting. This hobby has brought me so much joy, love and passion and even after 15 years I still enjoy it immensely. Today VERSION SCRAP opens its doors. It is a scrapbooking convention is Paris and it'll be the third time I'm going. I'll be doing some make&take projects in the Esprit Scrapbooking booth and will also be taking some classes. 
This year I was asked to participate in Monumental Scrap which is scrapbooking but on a much bigger scale. I went a little crazy and wanted to work with birch branches and this is what I made. It wasn't that hard to created and the most time consuming part was the knotting the rope. I love the transfers onto the fabric and the embroidery hoops give it so much flow. Once it is back home it'll go onto the hall wall. I am really chuffed how it turned out. 

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craftykellyj said...

What a stunning and unique piece!

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