Video Sunday

23 November 2014

What? Really? Yes, I found time to make a video. I didn't do a full voice over so if you have any questions about anything just leave them in the comment section. 

I decided I needed a change and a challenge in my little scrapbooking world. I sometimes feel the need to do something different, to step out of my comfort zone. I opted for a new size and made a 8.5" by 11" layout (actually A4 size but it is nearly 8.5"by11"). I think it'll be easier to store this size and I'll be able to use my printer for journalling (might be getting a typewriter soon). 

I also have a giveaway but to know more about it you'll have to watch the video. I really hope you'll play along.

 Just noticed there is a spelling mistake in the journalling. Will have to correct that with a pen. It doesn't really bother me. Mistakes happen.


Françoise said...

Coucou, c'est pas mal non plus ce format ; une belle page, bisette du jour

Jeannine H. said...

Lilith, where would i find the video? I don't see it nor a link to it. I love your videos so i'd love to watch!

Anne said...

what a fun page, love the stitched word!

Anne said...

I really enjoy watching your videos

Nadia said...

Essayer de sortir de sa zone de confort n'est pas chose facile, essai réussi ! J'aime beaucoup le mot brodé... je pense copier. Merci pour la vidéo, toujours inspirante !

Jeannine H. said...

Tres belle page. j'ai aussi apprecie la deuxieme chanson dans le video!

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