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7 June 2014

There are so many scrapbookers and artists that inspire me and one of them is Wilna Furstenberg. Not only is she any amazingly talented artist, scrapbooker and photography but she is also an amazing person. Her work is full of poetry and her love for her girls shines through every layout. She has been creating cut files which are so beautiful and I created a layout using this one which you can get for free. Here is a link to her shop: Wilna's Shop

I used the hearts and not the background for my layout as I am using it for another project. I also used one of her brush script words for the title. 

I used a lovely flair from the SCRAPBUTTONS shop. Just love the paint/stitching effect on it. 

I love the title because it is something I try to do each and every day. Speak from the heart. Quick often I forget to listen to my feelings and I have learnt that hiding and ignoring them hasn't done me or those I love any good. I am learning each and every day to speak from my heart. 



Tracey said...

Wow. That is a beautiful photo of you & a stunning layout!,,

Mcintsi said...

Gorgeous layout! Truly lovely.

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