Mothers Day

11 May 2014

Today is Mothers Day here in Belgium. I thought I'd sleep in but my boys were so excited to give their gifts they woke me up early. I got the sweetest handmade gifts as well as gorgeous cards. I love being a mother and I thank the Lord for his gift to me. My boys are my everything and they bring so much joy. It can get tough at times and I know the future won't be all rosy but I'll be there for my little guys. Love them loads. 
My little man even recited a poem. My heart melted. 

The day I became a mother made me realise what an amazing mother I had. She is my mama and I love her loads. She is my rock and I can always call on her if I need a bit of moral support. She'll listen to me without judging and she knows how to comfort me or encourage me. 


Last but not least a couple of layouts. 
The first was on the cover of EntreArtiste last. 
The second is one I made for a sketch call at EntreArtiste and then (silly me) I completely forgot to send it in. 

And the last I made just for FUN. I came together in 25 minutes. I kept it simple. I used lots of products from Studio Calico kits I hadn't used up. I even got out some older washi tape. 

I'll be back later this week with a VIDEO showcasing a fun new product. Have a lovely week and



kjjc said...

Qu'il est mignon votre petit. Chouette

Anonymous said...

Lovely and I love the heart background. I have to find it!

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