Carta Bella

18 October 2013

I was so lucky to get a collection pack from Carta Bella with the new Wildflower collection by Kaitlin Sheaffer . I was blown away when I got it. The prints are so unique and I just love the colours. The collection was perfect for some photos I had taken on an Autumn stroll. Here is a look at my first layout with the collection and I'm working on another.

I used a picture I took of flowers on a tree in the neighbourhood. Photography has made me become more aware of nature around me and I love taking pictures of the beauty nature has to offer. 


Elise said...

Beautiful layout, it is such an interesting collection, but I'm not sure it's for me. I guess I'll have to see more of what you do with it! :)

Love, Carrie said...

Absolutely lovely layout and nature photo! It's a beautiful paper collection ♥

Irit Landgraf said...

Gorgeous colors! Love your layout, and the collections looks really beautiful and unique. Thanks for sharing!

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