A change ...

12 October 2013

I have lots planned and am trying to work it all out. First change is PL. My THIS IS MY LIFE album which I started in April is full. I used a Handbook format by Studio Calico. I LOVED using it and have found a way to do PL that suits me. I thought it would be time to change sizes. I don't mind changing now and love my "no rules, just go with the flow" idea. It makes it so much easier. My first spread is accompanied by a video that I made for the TWOPEAS PL video series. Amy Tan is enjoying her mommy time and I got to try a new video series. Well, IT WAS HARD. I really enjoyed putting my two spreads together but the change in size was a bit tricky but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Here are my spreads and you can see the video on the TWOPEAS SITE with a full list of supplies. Or you can see it below ..... (you'll have to scroll down a bit ;)  )



Chantal Vandenberg said...

This is fantastic!! Love that pink lettering! :D

Louise said...

your PL life pages always look so lovely x

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