23 September 2013

My two youngest are the sweetest children ever. They get on so well together (but can also fight quite a bit too). Elouan looks up to his older brother and is always trying to do the same. It is so cute but can be pretty annoying too. If Robin is wearing a shirt and he has a t-shirt, he won't wear it. If Robin goes to music lessons, Elouan wants to go too and he'll have a tantrum because he can't. Some days they are so tired that they cuddle up on the sofa, watch TV and sometimes they fall asleep together. I just had to take a picture of it. They are so cute. 

This weekend we also celebrated Elouan's 4th birthday. He was so excited and I was nervous because I promised to make him a fire engine cake. Well it turned out pretty well although I am going to look for a different icing recipe, one that hardens a bit more.This weekend we'll be having a second party and I'm going to try and make a pirate cake.



Elise said...

What a sweet photo of your boys, I'm sure times like that make your heart swell! What a fun cake, can't wait to see your pirate one!

Diana Waite said...

oh my goodness that cake and the picture with your son with it is AWESOME!! BEAUTIFUL layout too!

Kate Stockman said...

I love reading your blog and your scrapbooking style! And that cake is amazing!!

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