Believe in yourself

11 September 2013


The title of my latest 213 in 2013 video over at TWOPEAS is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. I wanted to create a layout that would encourage me. I think most women have the tendency to denigrate themselves. We forget that we have so many qualities and we shouldn't be afraid to put them forward. I try to encourage myself more instead of pushing myself into a deep hole of negativity which I have hard time getting out of.  I learn from my mistakes but I no longer let them define me.
The layout is a double layout with a bit of a twist as there are no pictures of the right hand side. I wanted to leave that lovely chalkboard paper as it is and only added some splashes of colour to tie both pages together.

The video can be seen on the TwoPeas site as well as a full list of supplies and other similar ones.



Chantal Vandenberg said...

Stunning layout!

Meghann Andrew said...

Lilith, this is beautiful!

Theresa said...

Beautiful layout

Sophia said...

Always love your work, super talented you...♥

Louise said...

A perfect way to showcase the 12x12 paper. A perfect double page x

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