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29 August 2013

Well today I said I'd pick a winner to Jill's Class and the lucky gal is :

Congrats Christine. I'll pass on your peaname so that 2Peas can enroll you.

I have been busy. Busy finishing off some assignments and preparing others. Busy preparing lessons (still LOTS to do). Busy weeding, and cleaning. Well just being busy. I took a few pictures of the kids a couple of days ago using my new canon 50mm f1.8 lens and fell in love with a couple of photos of Damien and Noé. I know they are my kids and that I am biased but boy aren't they cute?

I have loads of other things to do but I just couldn't resist scrapping one of the these pictures just for fun. I grabbed some leftover American Crafts goodies and made this layout about Noé. 

See you tomorrow with some more scrappy things. 

Happy Scrapping



Sherri said...

Beautiful, beautiful shots of your boys Lilith. Bet there are so many more gorgeous shots to come as you get more and more familiar with your new lens. And fabulous layout as well.

Anita Bownds said...

Wow love your photos and your layout..xx

Jen said...

Wonderful photo! Sometimes certain photos just speak to you, don't they? Wonderful job capturing it in the moment.

Françoise said...

Coucou, ton grand fiston te ressemble, c'est incroyable ! Ta page est superbe, tu as beaucoup de talent. J'ai aussi cet optique et je ne m'en sers pas souvent... je devrais, elle a beaucoup d'avantages (que je dois encore apprivoiser...). Courage pour toutes tes préparations. La rentrée a été bonne ?
Gros kiss

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