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15 August 2013

We moved into our new build in October 2009. I love our home which is really energy sufficient and easy to clean. Add to that its practicality and I was really happy to move in and settle down. It is quite a modern house as we couldn't do all we wanted due to building restrictions. We also decided to take our kitchen from our previous home as we had paid quite a bit for it and it was still in mink condition. This means that quite a lot of things in the house are mitchy matchy as we have furniture from my hubands grandparents, my grandparents. Our motto: If it ain't broke , don't fix it. I sometimes wish I could buy everything new and have it all match but it would also lose character as some of the furniture has sentimental value. My missions now is to make it work together as well as possible.

DH had bought our dining room chairs and table without asking me just before we married and I really don't like them. I don't want to invest in a new set as the kids are still little but it is on my wishlist. I decided to spruce the chairs up by sewing some covers using fabric I had bought at IKEA. With the left overs I added a few touches to the blinds in the kitchen area as well as the grey linen curtains. I must say I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I still have to sew 3 covers but and hope to get those done before school starts again. We'll also be buying chairs for the kitchen table so that we don't have to use the dining room chairs. 

The kitchen blinds before: 

After: I put four brackets on to the wall and adhered the fabric to an MDF plank using hook and loop fasteners which I stapled to the MDF and stitched onto the fabric. If I need to was it I can.

I also wanted to use these magnets that held the curtains open but unfortunately my boys have dropped them several times and they were a bit broken. I sewed some fabric together and slipped them into the fabric pockets. 

I also added a trim to the grey curtains.
Here you can see three of the chairs with their covers.

I already have plans to sew more curtains and other furnishings. Really love playing with fabric. Thanks for stopping by.



Debbie P said...

Absolutely lovely!

Lou said...

lovely touches and gorgeous patterned fabric x

Annette said...

wowza! amazing what a little fabric can do :) looks great!!

Anita Bownds said...

Oh I absolutely love that green fabric ,everything looks really lovely..xx

Iliana Garza said...

Great job. Show us more of your home.

Joefil said...

Wow!Just beautiful, my favorite color,love everything looks so fresh!

Marsha F said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Françoise said...

Coucou, c'est très beau et reposant, bise et bon week-end

Teddi said...

well done! the flow of the rooms with your touches of creativity and style really shines through, making your home look like such a clean, cheerful place to be.

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