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31 July 2013

Now why would I start a blog post with this title. Simple. It is the title of my new favourite song by Mindy Gledhill. Her new album will be out very soon and I can't wait. I was listening to this song when I came up with the design for my new layout for the 4th summer colour video.
This is the layout I came up with. Like last week I used black but this time I paired it with bright colours.

Here is Mindy's song:


The 4th summer colour video is longer than usual as I opted for live commenting instead of the voiceover. The lighting isn't its best as I filmed the whole process at night. Please play along with the summer series and upload your layout using the inlinkz buttom just beneath the video. You might win a fabulous prize from me at the end of the summer. 




sophie said...

simply amazing!!! I am also a great fan of Mindy!

Diana Waite said...

wow this is AWESOME--wonderful scrapping on black!

Kimberly Kett said...

Very cool! I love how everything POPS off that black background!

Unknown said...

Love this layout! Black with bright colors is one of my favorite designs.

BB2Run said...

Magnifique page ! Bravo ! :-)

glorygirl said...

Amazing AMAZING page! What keeps drawing my attention is the little sticker that you cut in half for the top and bottom. It keeps my eye going all the way down the page and right back up. LOVELY design!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Love black with brights! Very cool layout and cute photos! Off to watch the video.:)

The Fischer Family said...

I very rarely use black as a background but this looks amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!

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