25 May 2013

I decided to use some of my Amy Tangerine Yes Please supplies to create a layout. I am trying really hard to work through all those photos I printed in the past. As I print everything at home now I don't print as many as I used to and I can choose the sizes I need. I hardly ever print 4*6 so using those I already have isn't easy. I also like tweaking the photos in photoshop elements which I didn't do a couple of years ago. I found this one in my stack which I love because it shows how important it is to be their for your children even in the most simple situations. It will teach them to become confident but at the same time they know they can always count on us. I will hold their hand when ever they reach for me.
I wasn't easy but this is what I came up with.
Une petite page avec une photo qui date d'il y a deux ans (prise pendant les vacances de Pâques, temps merveilleux pas comme maintenant) .



Linou said...

Une jolie page bien lumineuse...

Diana Waite said...

I really like how you worked those flowers into this boy page--FANTASTIC@

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