AC NSD winner & Project Life

12 May 2013

Hi there! Last week Saturday was NSD and American Crafts held a hop. My giveaway was a gift voucher to the TwoPeas store. The lucky winner is ....

Kelly, could you send me your email address to lilitheeckelsATgmailDOTcom.

I have finished my PL for April. I love the format but I know I'll need several handbooks for one year. I might change next year but for now it is working well and it isn't too time consuming. Planning ahead and getting photos prepped on fixed dates is really helping me keeping on top of it. Today I'll be editing the photos of the first two weeks of May and I'll start putting the pages together on Friday. 
Here is the second part of April. They are LOTS of photos and sorry for the flare on some of them!
Voici la deuxième partie de avril dans mon Project Life. 



Kelly Massman said...

Your kids will be so happy that you have documented all of this when they get older!!! Very cool!
P.S. I'm excited that I won. I've sent you an email!

cat123 said...

si simple et pourtant plein de vie ce PL !!! J'adore !!!

Béa said...

C'est superbe !!

Françoise said...

Coucou, ton PL est superbe, tu auras un beau souvenir de cette année ; les photos sont extra aussi ! bisette du jour

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