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28 April 2013

I started it last year but just couldn't make it work and  decided to stop, thinking it just wasn't something for me. At the end of last year I still had that feeling that I  wanted to it but like with everything I do I needed time to think how I was going to tackle it and most of all how I was going to make it work for me. Well this is what I am going to do: 
  1. I am NOT going to do it weekly.
  2. I will not be using and 12*12 album. I just seems to big and so I have decided to use a Studio Calico Handbook.
  3. I'll be working on it 4 times a month. Twice to edit photos and print any printables or cut files, and the other two times to put everything into the album. 
  4. I will be hand journalling. I don't have the time to print everything out and don't have a typewriter (which I would love!).
  5. Some months will be  longer than others and I don't mind skipping days/weeks.
  6. I'll be writing my journalling in French. The kids understand a bit of English but speak and read French and I want them to read it! 
  7. I'll be using lot the SCRAPTASTIC KIT CLUB Life Noted kit!!!! Kits will start in June! If you're interested you can email Jessica at . Here is a peek:  

So here is some of the month of April. I am planning to finish the rest next week. It came together so quickly and I am positive with all the planning I have been doing it will work this time round! 

That is all folks (for now). I'll be back tomorrow with a layout I made with the April kits from Scraptastic and the winner of the Gardener's digest!



Trine Brandt-Lassen said...

Looking fantastic! It's pretty much how I also work on Project Life. I'm sure you'll love it

Anonymous said...

your PL is great!!!
and I can't wait to have the PL kit from scrapastic club!!!!

Carole Pillon said...

C'est superbe !
J'adore l'anecdote du chauffage au sol ;-)
J'ai fait la page "bubble screen", merci pour l'inspi.
A bientôt

Gilma Haro said...

I would love to see a video of your process; i would love to do PL but the everyday thing isn't for me; I would love to learn more about your process. It all looks simple and very beautiful!

Louise said...

wow how fantastic is this. i am loving everything about it...the size,the photos, all the patterns. Absolutely gorgeous Lilith x

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