Brother buddies

24 April 2013

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Hi there everyone.
How are you all doing. Well I am busy and that is probably an understatement. I am more than busy but that is how I function best. Happy as the sun is shining and my boys are happy! 
On Monday my latest video went live on the TwoPeasInABucket site. It is a busy layout but I like changing things up a bit. Sometimes I'll create something with lots of white space and other times I cover the whole layout! I had so much fun creating this layout even though I wasn't too sure about the colours but I really love how boyish it is.
Lundi j'avais un nouveau video sur le site de TwoPeasInABucket. Une page avec un style un peu different mais j'aime beaucoup le résultat. 



Diana Waite said...

love the capture of brotherly love--VERY nice!

cat123 said...

un peu chargée pour moi, mais tu sais me faire aimer tous les styles !!!

Françoise said...

Coucou, moi aussi j'adore ce résultat, j'aime aussi superposer autant de papiers, bravo pour ta belle créativité, bisette et bon vendredi

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