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28 March 2010

Being in our new home is great. The whole building experience was hectic and stressful and I don't think we'll ever do it again but now it's deco time. Most of the rooms have been painted and I am putting finishing touches to some of them. My first scrapped deco: wooden squarish pots, a few pebbles and pretty false flowers and voilà:
Une décoration pour la nouvelle maison:
I just had enough time to make this page with Noé and Robin for a challenge on Just clean and fun. We had to lift a page made by Vinnie.
Et une page pour un challenge (lift)  sur le fourm Just clean and Fun
Vinnie's page
And mine


dridrine said...

Que du bonheur!

Nadèche said...

comme c'est beau... j'aime bcp tes petits pots...bizzz...Nadèche

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