Back to school ... and still time to scrap!

19 March 2010

Yes. I have started working again after a long baby break. Not easy trying to remember 80 names but it wasn't as hard as I thought. Elouan is a real star and didn't have any difficulty adapting to Brigitte, his "nanny". It has been a very hectic week but I have found time to scrap and voilà:
A page with my brother, being a cool teenager. I love this picture. And another with Robin, discovering the beauties of nature. And last but not least the "for ever smiling and happy" ELOUAN.


Nadèche said...

elles ont trop belles tes pages j'aime beaucoup et j'adore le sourire de ton petit prince...bizzz...NAdèche

Hilde said...

Cool Lilith, and who's glasses is Gregor wearing? Hard to imagine that the same wicked cool guy LOVES licking his nephew's left over mashed baby food. LOL

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