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12 April 2014

This week on the Glitz Design blog our creations are inspired by music. I used the lyrics of a song by Christina Perri called "Human".
I am a huge music fan, play a couple of instruments and used to sing in a choir and follow singing lessons. Music has played an important part in my life as I met my husband though it. He joined the brass band I was playing in. Even now I still treasure music and I am always listening to something when I scrap. I love all styles from pop to jazz and classical music. I picked the lyrics of a song by Christina Perri for this layout. A song which reminds me I am only human and that I don’t need to be a “perfect” wife, mum, teacher, … that I can make mistakes and learn from them. Let music inspire you, comfort you, motivate you … it is was makes it so special.

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Lea Lawson said...

I love this layout, is just beautiful!!

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