20 June 2013

This month we are focusing on triangles at Scraptastic Kit club. I wanted to use them in my layout but in a subtle way. I am working on a layout where they will be the may feature but I wanted to show how you can use them in such a way that their geometrical shape becomes secondary. On the layout I used them as banners. This is such an easy way of incorporating triangles and other shapes.The photos was taken with my phone when Elouan and Robin where playing with their microphone. They have so much fun with it, but boy, my ears hurt afterwards.
Ce mois ci, le thème chez Scraptastic Kit Club est LES TRIANGLES. Je les ai utilisés sur cette page mais ce façon discrète. 



TeenaBugg38 said...

loveee this!!

Tammy B said...

i really like this...the graphicness of it and the flow. and even though you used the triangles in a banner way, it's not a stereotypical 'banner' - that trend that just doesn't do it for me

julie e said...

Great layout (as usual) Love all the little bits and pieces you added.

Diana Waite said...

AWESOME--loving the triangles!

Chantalle said...

Gorgeous (as always!) I especially love how you've hidden that black flair in the bingo card

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