20 December 2012

I am still here but these last few days have been soooooo busy. Correcting exams, making handmade Christmas gifts with the boys for their school Christmas party, going to Damien and Noé music concert (boy did they sing well!) and so much more. I have been working on lots of projects but none of which I can show you. I do have one layout that kinda got forgotten. It is one I made using ILS products.  
I played a bit with this one and added a little quirk: I had a Studio Calico happy frame lying in my stash but it was a green colour which didn't go with this particular colour scheme. I was a bit lazy and instead of painting or misting it I just used the white side. I quite like that the happy is back to front! 
Et oui je suis encore par là. Après quelques jours de folie (corrections, activités des enfants, bricoler avec les enfants pour la fête deNoël de l'école) je n'ai pas vraiment eu le temps de poster. J'ai fait pas mal de pages mais je ne peux rien montrer! Il me restait cette page faite avec des produits ILS. 


Leanne said...


Unknown said...

Love the ribbon details!

Françoise said...

Coucou, tes pages sont très fournies en détails, j'adore ! bisette, bonnes vacances et bonne prépa de Noël

Anonymous said...

Love the colors.. going outside of the box without using the traditional black, orange etc... gives me inspiration to try ..
Thanks Lilith

Sylvia ~


Diana Waite said...

I REALLY like the blue background--AWESOME!

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