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31 July 2012

As promised here are the winners of my card kits! I have also posted a picture of the next card kit. Again there are 4 up for grabs! Just leave a comment and I'll pick winners next Tuesday!

Sheery Eckblad, Valerie Bishop, N@thie andWendy, just shoot me a mail at!

Here is the next card kit:
I also have two layouts up on the ColorConspiracy blog. One I have already shown and then there is this one. Neutral colours with a pop of neon pink!
Une petite page ColorConspiracy. 

Now for a surprise , yes this is turning out to be a long blog post! If you hop over to the ColorConspiracy blog you can download a mini I created for them. And it is for free !!! It's in French but if there is enough demand I'll translate it into English. Just leave a message in the comment section and I'll try and get that done as soon as possible!
Sur le blog de ColorConspiracy vous trouverez un petit cadeau. Un fichier téléchargable d'un mini que j'avais créé.
Here is a look at the mini:



Jen said...

Wow Lilith! I'm speechless - that layout is just so beautiful! Going to check out the mini album download right away! :)

Anonymous said...

HI Lilith! Love the layout(s)! How can I d/load the mini in English... ?

Sylvia ~

Amélie said...

Love your layout! and mini book!!!
so beautiful!

julie e said...

What a cute card kit.

Margrethe said...

That's such an awesome layout! I love how you've kept the background pretty neutral and splurge on gorgeous details :)

Sherry Eckblad said...

Yippppeee! So excited to see that I won one of the card kits. I have sent you an email.

I am going to look at the mini but would love an english version as well.

Valerie Bishop said...

Oh my!! This layout is stunning! I just love your style! I just saw that I won!! I'm so excited! I'm sending you my info right now! Thank you!!

Maria Therese said...

Gorgeous ♥♥

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Oh my goodness Lilith! I love, love love this layout!:)

Shellye McDaniel said...

beau-ti-ful, my dear!

jenessa said...

Ohhh...I would love the English version as well! My French is not so good lol. Oh and your layout is love that "wood" background and the tiny pops of color!

N@thie said...

Très contente d'avoir gagnée le kit de carte!!!!! c'est une belle surprise!!!!Merci beaucoup!!!
Je t'ai envoyée un mail.
Merci pour le fichier de ton mini-album.

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