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9 September 2011

First of all, inspiration board 208 is up over at ColorCombosGalore. At the moment I am really feeling inspired by colour combos. I really wanted to go for lots of colour but ended up using a white background and hints here and there. Used some Amy Tangerine stamps (adore them!), added some mist, thread, 6 pearls and voilà. My passion for photography as a layout.

D'abord je vous montre le combo de chez CCG de ce mois. Je voulais faire une page très colorée mais le résultat final se compose plutôt de touches de couleur.

Then some FANTASTIC NEWS. Against all odds and I was not expecting it at all, I made the SCRAPBOOKNOOK DT. I am really thrilled that I'll be working with some fantastic girls and there are so many scrappy friends on that list. Have a look:

Anna Sigga- Iceland
Carol Monson- USA
Danni Reid-USA
Deanna Misner- USA
Gina Rodgers-Australia
Hilde L Aaslund- Norway
Jaz Lee- Singapore
Jessy Christopher-Malaysia
Katarina Damm-Blomberg- Finland
Kim Moreno-USA (not Canada lol)
Leah Killian-USA
LG Belarmino- Phillipeans
Lilith Eeckels- Belgium
Lisa Kisch- Canada
Marinette LEFEVRE- France
Nicole Nowosad- Canada
Pamella Brown-USA
Shelleye McDaniel-USA
Stacey Michaud- USA
The nook is really one of the best places to be!

One of my layouts will also be published soon in a French scrapbooking magazine. My first!

And then probably what some of you have been waiting for: the tutorial. Yep! I don't buy my albums (might do now that I'm on the AC team and can get a discount) I make them. And it's pretty easy!
Here we go (hope you've got some time as this may take a while).
1. Material: 
Thick cardboard: 1 piece: 15½ '' by 13" , 1 piece 15'' by 13" and another 3" by 13"
Fabric to cover
Cardstock: 2 pieces 6" by 12" , 2 pieces 8½" by 12", and another 3" by 12".
decorative tape
double sided tape (I use the one they use for carpets).

2. Step by step instructions.
Lay the cardboard as shown in the photo and cover with double sided tape.
Leave a small gap between the pieces so that your covers will be able to move.

Lay your fabric over the tape and turn the whole thing round.
Fold the corners like so:
And add some more adhesive.
And fold again.
More adhesive:
Take the cardstock and cover. Start in the middle. Don't cover the lines where the covers bend with cardstock! To hide them I used some ribbon and decorative tape (used different ribbon from in the photo with the material!).
Next you need this: (don't know what is is called in French, English or Dutch) and 4 brads (not too small!)

Place it very close to the left hand side of the right cover and mark the spots where you will be putting the brads. Make 4 holes (I used small fine scissors) and add your brads. It will look like this from the back: 

Add some ribbon around to keep the layouts in place.
Here is one I made some time ago in dark blue with leftovers from my curtains!
 Sorry for the poor quality photos but with kiddos all over the place I had a hard time taking them and didn't get the time to adjust the settings of the camera.

Thanks for looking and if you have a question just leave it in the comments and I'll answer it! 
See ya tomorrow and I'll have a little something for you in store!


Annika said...

Oh, that's a great tutorial! TFS! And I love that layout! White space is one of my biggest crushes! LOL! Blessings!

Annika said...

....and ofcourse....

CONGRATS TO THE DT-SPOT!! Well deserved!

Nicole Nowosad said...

Great tutorial - LOVE that page - in love with how you work that thread! Congrats on the Nook! :)

Katarina said...

Congrats on the DT spot.. well deserved.. your LOs is soooooo beautiful!!
And btw.. your tutorial is awesome!!!


Marinette-Scraptherapie said...

Bravo Lilith je suis super contente pour toi et super heureuse d'être avec toi au sein de cette DT!
Merci de partager avec nous ce tuto, il me sera bien utile;-)

Carol said...

SO excited to work with you!!!! congrats on the spot.

Unknown said...

Bravo pour la DT et ton tuto est très sympa. Je n'en avais jamais fait de grands, j'en fait des plus petits recouverts de papier et je procède comme cela, sauf que j'utilise de la colle.

Els said...

Gorgeous layout, again!! Love your work!
Congrats on making the Nook's DT!! Well deserved!!
And thanks for the tutorial!!

fatima said...

j'adoreeeeeeeeeeeeee ta page
elles trop belle
merci pour le tuto
depuis le temps que je souhaitais realisé un classeur

Sherri said...

Super huge congrats on the DT spot Lilith, I am so happy for you. And that tutorial is great, don't worry about the pix, they were just fine. Who would have guessed it was that easy. Now, to find to super thick cardboard :)

Gina said...

great tutorial Lilith!..a BIG congrats to you on your DT spot...looking forward to seeing what you do and working with you :) :) Gina x

pysselpetra said...

Contrats Nookie ♥
Love the page ♥
Great tutorial ♥

Deanna said...

so much goodness all in one blog post, Lilith! i think you're an incredible designer and can't WAIT to work with you at the Nook! :)

Mimi said...

Génial Lilith,
Je vais faire le même,Merci beaucoup.Mais dis moi, tu sais y mettre les intercalaires spéciaux pour pages 30*30? ou tu perfores tes pages!

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