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5 July 2011

Thanks for all your lovely comments. It has only been the last few years that I have become a confident person. I have always seen myself as unworthy, not pretty and having no special gift. I started to change the day I met my husband. He has made who I am now and today I can say I feel happy being me. Scrapbooking has made me realise I too can be creative. This post is to say thank you to my husband, my family and all those of you who have left me a comment: Each comment, encouragement has pushed me to discover who I am.

No post would be complete without some layouts. I have started playing with the HIP2BSQUARE May kit. Kimberly if you happen to read this, you make the most AMAZING kits. I am surprised every month at the range of products. 

I made a layout using a photo of my husband and our youngest on one of our walks. Elouan is a strong willed boy and always wants to try to do things alone and sometimes we have to put our foot down. Here we were walking very close to water and he didn't want give his father a hand but soon found out it was better to do so.
Two simple cards but I like them and that's all that counts. I have stopped scrapping to please others or to try to be published. I just want to scrap for myself and my family.  Thanks for looking.
Un grand merci à toutes celles qui passent sur mon blog et qui me laissent des petits coms. Chacun me fait plaisir. Voici une page et deux cartes faites avec le fabuleux kit de mai de chez HIP2BSQUARE. 


Mélissandre said...

J'aime absolument tout! Le mot "raffiné" me vient à l'esprit quand je vois tes réas. je suis fan!

emma_scrap said...

J'adoore!! Tout est superbe :)

Unknown said...

Hello, je viens juste de découvrir que tu étais aussi sur Just clean and fun (dans tes liens)... Je cherche l'inspiration sur ton blog et je me régale, et c'est parti ! Bravo pour la guest DT de juillet à my scrapbook nook, il me tarde de voir tes réas !

maryse said...

J'aime ta page pleine d'originalité et tes cartes sont sobres et belles!

Pam said...

Beautiful page AND card. I am loving the new blog look too!

zouzou said...

J'adore cette page!
Moi je dis: encore, encore,encore lol

ramses said...

magnifique page et superbes cartes

Anonymous said...

What you do is brilliant but what you wrote here is an absolutely wonderful message.


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