Hello Love

6 April 2016
As promised I'm back with another layout and a video. I wanted it to be simple and focus on the photo of my husband and I. There aren't a lot of photos of us two and those we have are precious and special.

In the mean while ...

5 April 2016
While I'm waiting for my video to upload (still need to tweak it a little) I'm going to share two more layouts that I created.
For the first one I created a star cut file and used some funky colourful paper beneath. I kept the embellishments simple and didn't want to add too many layers. That way the photo and the cut are the centre piece of the layout.
The second layout was one I created for the hipkit DT call. I went with a yellow and grey colour scheme with a main element with a photo in the bottom left hand corner and a smaller duplicate with the title in the top right hand corner. This creates flow and balances out the page. The scattered butterflies guide the eye over the layout. Some of the butterflies are covered in washi tape to add a bit of detail as does a little bit of stitching. 

Both layouts were created from older stash and kits from the HipKitclub. I have decided to stop my subscription which makes me sad but I have some plans for home improvements and need to save a little. I might buy one or two collections but I really need to work through my stash.
See you later today or tomorrow with a little video.

Getting back into it

3 April 2016
Hello .... 
It has been a while. I have been resting and trying to get back into shape. I still experience pain daily but it is manageable and I'm working on strengthening my back. It is a long healing process and I might have a relapse but I am feeling a lot better. Getting to know my body and learn how to move correctly will in the long run help me. My back is my weak spot and I'll have to learn how to function differently.

I have been scrapbooing LOADS and I'm starting on filming my new class next week. I have so much to do but it'll be such fun. Today I have two layouts to show and I'll be back on Tuesday with a video.

This layout was created for a guest blog post at the CraftyMavenGetaway for a TwoPeas Throwback series.
You can see the video HERE:  Click here.

The second I made for the Design Team call for HipKit club. I wanted to get back into the DT business and decided to have a go. Unfortunately I didn't get picked. I really just wanted to get scrapbooking again and making two new layouts for the call got me back in the groove.
This is one of the layouts. White space, layers, a little reminder in the corner: all things I love in a layout.
 See you soon.


When life hits you ...

4 March 2016
And there I went planning out the month of March and than something popped up which meant I have to make some big changes in my plans. As most of you might know I have been suffering with back pain for a couple of months. I had a scan last Friday and on Sunday I started having excruciating pain. The results show I have a herniated disc which is the cause of these pains. I'm on heavy medication (which is something I don't like but which is necessary) and it also means I am in no state to create or to do anything else. I feel like a zombie and all I want to do is sleep. My doctor just reduced my medication to help get rid of the sleepiness.
 I need to give my body time to rest but I feel that little voice in me already worrying about preparing exams for school, how I'm going to help my students and how I am going to keep things going at home. I feel useless and as if I'm letting everyone down. Maybe I try to hard and put to much pressure on myself. I think that if I can't keep up and live up to expectations people will see me as a failure. They don't. I am the one who puts that image into my mind. I am working on letting myself heal but that urge to always be on top of things is still deep down inside. I am my worst enemy at times. 
I'll try to keep up with the schedule so tomorrow I'll be back with a little class close-up from one of my many fellow teachers at BPC.

And just to finish off with a bit of creative fun, here is a colour combo I created over a year ago for Esprit Scrapbooking .

Have a great weekend.


New schedule ...

11 February 2016
I am working on a new blogging schedule. I'd like to blog more regulary but I have limited time so organisation is the key.
Each month I'll post a new monthly blogging schedule. I'll be starting this new set up in March. It will mean that I won't have to blog everyday or on set days but that I can spread my projects over the month as I please. Here is what you'll be able to find in the monthly schedule:
  • product close-ups: I'll take a closer look at product and see how we can use them. I'll use new  as well as older releases
  • lift yourself: as the title says I'll left an older layout and give it a new twist.
  • challenges: I'll regularly post challenges which you can participate in. Winners will receive a prize.
  • Classes: I'll also post about some of my classes and classes of fellow teachers at BPC. There are so many fabulous classes out there.
  • Layout videos
  • Favourites (favourite layout, favourite recipe, favourite photo ...)
  • and ...... random items which might tickle my inspiration. 

I decided to lift this layout I made in November 2012. It has all the design elements that I love using. Layers, flow and white space. I'd love to see you lift an older layout. If you do add your link using the INLINKZ button below. At the end of the month I'll randomly pick a participant who'll get a RAK from me. 

I went with a white and blue look with some hints of grey. I used some older stamps to add detail to the background. As I'm running low on white cardstock I used some a sheet of paper from a 12*12 patterned paper pack from AC. Usually only one side is printed. I have so many and some designs I don't use so using the white side is the best option.
See you soon with more projects.

Bright and Happy

6 February 2016
That is exactly how I'm feeling. My back is feeling so much and as soon as I have my podiatric insoles I'm certain it will be even better. Being in pain has made me realise how it is to be unwell and live normally. I think of all those who are having to struggle with this daily. If ever someone nearby is suffering I'll try to help them in what ever way I can. My kids are growing and thriving, I'm on mend and I am grateful for that.
Family life isn't always easy but we are learning. Most important is that we are creating memories and bonds. When life gets tough we can count on one another. 
I love seeing photos of with our kids. My husband isn't very wordy but his look says it all. He is so proud of them. 
I used one of my favourite dies for this layout. Just layered elements and went for a bright and happy look. 
This is the die I used for the layout. It is the Xcut Decorative Dies - Doily - Vintage Notes. I usually link to Scrapbook.com but they don't have this one. There are quite a few others. You can check their array of doily dies HERE.

Here is the video showing the from start to finish process.

Just around the corner

5 February 2016
I prepared a video and a layout for a collaboration. Sadly the person organising wasn't feeling too well and it was cancelled but I can so my layout and video here. One thing I have learnt over the years is that we should first take care of ourselves. Sometimes we forget and we keep going on and on until one day we just can't. Our body shuts down. I hope my dear friend will feel better soon. 

Valentine's day is just around the corner. I don't really celebrate it because I believe we should show our love and affection for people all year round. Love should always come first. If it is love for others or ourselves. So here is a layout all about love. I used one of the very rare photos of my husband and I. And I think my sister's wedding photographer captured us perfectly.

Click on the image below for the cut file


I'll be back on Sunday with another video.